Hope Starts Here

Hope Starts Here is an area at our Bloom Festival that hosts national cause organizations who want to educate the public and bring awareness to their cause. This area is free to the national cause organizations fighting against incurable illnesses and is free to the public. No tickets are required to enter this area. Golden Events Entertainment, LLC will take a portion of the total profit from ticket sales and divide between these organizations.

We want to invite as many of the organizations fighting for awareness and cures of incurable illnesses as possible to Bloom Festival. Sadly, not all illnesses have awareness events and we want to change this as much as possible. Please help us make this possible by submitting the organizations you support on the form at bottom of page. A list of those who will be attending will be posted closer to the time of the event.

Ways You Can Help

Hope Starts Here is not only an area of Bloom Festival but a national service. When the festival is not going on, our team is still hard at work volunteering our services in the community to provide assistance to those who are battling an incurable illness as well as their families. We also offer services to those with other qualifying causes as well. All services that we provide are free, however, these services may require funding in order to assist. Hope Starts Here relies on two ways to raise these funds. The first is by receiving a portion of the profit from Bloom Festival. Our second is by public contributions. Your contribution will help us provide multiple services through out the year, from seasonal services such as yard services in the summer to ensuring that patients can get to their appointments in case of inclement weather in the winter. Other services include meals, financial relief, babysitting services, housecleaning and so much more. Your contribution allows us to continue offering all of these services free to those battling incurable illnesses and their families.

Donate Now

Hope Starts Here is a national service provided by Golden Events Entertainment, LLC. We provide these free services nation wide which means that besides contributions, we need volunteers to assist with these services in states that GE2 does not have a team in. If you are interested in volunteering in your community to deliver these services to those battling with incurable illnesses and their families, please fill out the form below. We make everything else simple and cover any fees that are brought on from services provided. Please fill out the form below to learn more.


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